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 Fine tech has a excellent reputation in the trade, In the past years, our technical team has designed and built over 100 export grade molds each year, all meeting our clients requirements and gaining positive feedbacks. We have worked on both Low volume and High volume tools, and willing to challenge applying innovative designs into the mold making process, to keep improving your mold's productivity and products quality. 

Mold design

A well-designed mold can reduce the overall cost of the tooling and parts in production, and hence directly benefit to our clients. Fine Tech understand this principal, and we have allocated a huge resource on mold design process, in order to optimize every of our solutions so to benefit both parties.

Ranges of mold manufactured

  • Plastic injection mold 40%

  • Die-casting mold 20%

  • Mass production & assembly 40%


Our engineering department is full equipped with the state of the art computers with CAD/CAM/CAE. We are able to handle all your design and analysis requirements.


Fine Tech are able to arrange mold flow analysis, we knows how to choose the best configuration such as runner, gate and cooling system in order to optimize the product quality.


Capable of converting 3D data files from any formats, such as IGES, DXF, STEP, X_T etc.


Efficient tooling development

Fine Tech knows the timing is so important in manufacture process. We have short lead time in mold making and production and always response quick to client. In most case, the mold making lead time can short as 20 days from the day we received your requirements and specification.

Technical capabilities

Fine Tech uses both traditional and innovative techniques for making molds, we can design molds to meet with specific requirements and solving technical problems. The following are list of techniques we are applying in the mold we made.


  • Family mold

  • Hot runner application

  • Insert mold

  • Multi-cavity mold

  • Over mold

  • Special mechanism, (double slider, ejection)

  • Beryllium copper application

  • Special texture on mold surface

  • Special ejection method


Integrated Plastic Solution

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