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What makes us different?

Competitive Advantage

1. Our knowledge in tool making

  • Fine Tech's team consists of professional mold designers and tool making experts, we are confident to deliver the best quality mold.


  • All our engineers are well trained and specified in plastic knowledge; we can provide innovative solutions for our clients.


  • Our factory and engineering office have wide range of tools and technology to support the operation. 

3. Quality Control

  • Fine Tech has a well established quality system. Our entire exporting molds follows Society of the Plastics Industry (SPI AN-102-78) 101-103 standard.


  • We guarantee mold life and provide maintenance for domestic molds.


  • Our molds can maintain high precision (±0.05mm)


  • Certification application pending in coming future.

2. Authentic Project Management

  • We have good project management system, which meet different types of customers' demands and product characteristics.


  • Fine Tech has excellent efficiency on projects; our production lead time is minimized. 


  • We have frequent communications with clients, customer can track and control project status. 


  • Online project tracking system is under development, which helps clients keep updating the project status.



4. Productivity

  • Fine Tech provide one-stop solution, helps clients from design to product manufacturing.


  • We have production fleet which operate 7/24; so can provide rapid production cycle for specific orders. 


  • Our production lead time is steady and predictable, which suitable for just-in-time manufacturing.


  • We help clients for optimizing their productivity and reduce the production cost by redesign the mold.

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